In manufacturing our products we put great emphasis on traditional knowledge and craftsmanship as well as on sophistication and innovation.

We use a specially selected leather of top quality which meets the exacting demands of equestrian sport and which is worked with the greatest care. Natural features such as scars, veins or slight variations in colour are signs of its genuineness. The saddle-tree is made of polyurethane with a forged steel insert or a carbon fibre inlay and has been specially developed by our company. The panel is stuffed by hand with a sheepwhool-sytheticfibre mixture, re-stuffing is possible whenever required.

Our saddles conveys unity and harmony between rider and horse and contributes to achieving the results desired. After consultation and if possible, special requests can be satisfied for an additional charge.

Dressage Saddles

A Capella


The modern dressage model monoflap for the special closeness to the horse. Due to the closeness the rider has more influence to the horse. On top fixed knee rolls make it easy for the rider to keep the legs in the correct position.

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The allround dressage saddle with special seating comfort as a result of deep padding in the saddle tree. With sheepwhool-mixture filled knee rolls and a forward-cut panel supports the rider in every facet of classical riding.

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This modern comfortable dressage saddle excels due to its special 3-point girthing system which consits of a foregirth and V-billets. Optimum sitting comfort is guaranteed thanks to the deep padding of the saddle tree. The rider is supported by straight cutted panels and especially large knee rolls.

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The Dressage saddle with the special 3-point girth system. The saddle  designed along the lines of the Symphonie model, with the foregirth and the V-billet for individual adaptions.

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The dressage saddle with changeable gullet and soft knee rolls. The saddle with forward-cut panel is covered from an elegant saddle flap. The panel, screwed in the front, allows specialst dealers the simple replacement of the gullet plate.

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Ouvertüre Victoria


The dressage saddle for special demands in hobbyriding up to international competition. The model Ouvertüre Victoria has a straight cutted panel and features about very large knee rolls, which are used for efficient communication and support.

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Pony Samba


The pony saddle with Niedersüss quality. With a seat size 41 cm it is especially for small horses and young riders.

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The dressage classic from Niedersüss. Panels gently cut forward and a straight seat allows the rider the best influence on his horse. The particular feeling of riding gives a harmonious picture in competition and thus makes the desired success easier.

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The comfortable dressage saddle with the special 3-point girth system, consisting of a foregirth and V-billets. The girthing can be changed by oval holes in the sweat flap.

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Timeless saddle to satisfy all criteria of modern dressage. Excellent seat comfort as a result of deep padding and comfortable filled knee rolls at the saddle flap, in combination with panels cut gently towards the front provide an agreeable connection with the horse.


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Jumping Saddles



The special jumping saddle with a deep seat and a forward cutted panel generates a harmonious riding experience and allows the best possible influence on the horse. It is possible to omit the knee rolls and the calf brakes. This saddle has special quality in training with young horses.

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This jumping saddle, especially suitable for beginners,  offers due to its medium-sized knee rolls and calf brakes an optimum hold and as a result a good feeling of safety in approaching a jump. Cause of the deep seat the saddle is also useable in cross country.

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Marcato Mono


The high-quality monoflap saddle was special constructed by Olympic athletes for lively, fluid gallops over the country and on the race course as a further development from the Marcato. The special forward cutted panel  and short stirrups will give a secure hold and the best influence on the horse. The saddle with flat seat is perfect in parcours, on the field and on the race track.

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Special saddle developed by Olympic athletes for lively, fluid gallops over the country and on the race course. The special forward cutted panel and short stirrups will give a secure hold and the best influence on the horse. The saddle with the flat seat is perfect in parcours, on the field and on the race track.

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The jumping saddle for an upscale riding built with the flat seat, the good upholstery and the medium knee rolls the perfect harmony between the rider and the horse. This saddle supports the rider in hobby riding as in competitions.

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Purpose Saddles



The allround saddle to meet the needs of the discerning leisure equestrian. The saddle with a deep seat and small knee rolls combines our know-how in building dressage and jumping saddles. You can use the saddle as well in dressage riding, in cross country as in jumping. By request we can mount D-rings, which  prove specially by trail riding.

An allround saddle, which unites all needs from dressage riding to jumping.

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